What Are The Best Male Enhancement Pills?

best male enhancementMen, just like women, put a great emphasize on the way they look. The special creams and days spent at the spa or at massage are not only destined to women, but also to more and more men who are seeking for relaxation techniques.

And while most women tend to dream about breast augmentation, men also dream about similar things – such as their penis enhancement. According to official data, more than 70% of the men worldwide would want a bigger penis, although not all of them appeal to special augmentation techniques. Most of them continue to fantasize without any real grounds, while some others take their fantasies into the real world and seek for specialized help.

Of course, throughout the years big pharmaceutical companies and medical providers have spotted this market niche and developed numerous products which claim to deliver the best results in no time. However, how many of them are really efficient?

Which are the best penis enhancement pills?

As previously mentioned, the market has been assaulted lately with countless pills, gels, creams and other special devices that claim to increase the penis size with up to a few inches, as well as improving the overall sexual life. Here is a list with the pills that not only promise, but also deliver the required results:

  • VigRx Plus. According to readers’ opinions, this is the best male enhancement product available on the market. It promises to offer an enhancement of up to 4 inches, as well as offering an improvement of the overall sex life. Men who have tested the product claimed they obtained an excellent erection power, while the sexual desire was definitely improved and prevented pre-ejaculation. The price is also convenient, as one month complete treatment does not cost more than $40.
  • VirilityEX Supplement. Most of the ingredients found in this medicine are natural, which makes the product safe for long-term use. Men who tested this product claimed they gained up to 2 inches on their penis size, while the erection maintained excellent and the sexual desire was improved. VirilityEx also helped them achieve a better control of the ejaculation and orgasms of a higher intensity. Moreover, the price is extremely advantageous, as it only costs $32 a bottle.

best male enhancement

  • MaleExtra. Men who tested this product also obtained a bigger penis with up to 2 inches and a better erection. This product contains numerous vitamins and minerals, such as zinc L-Methionine or Omega 3 which help improve the penis size.

What To Eat When Adopting The HCG Diet?

Although there are countless diet recipes that claim they will change your life and easily reduce your body weight, most of them are considered quite dangerous. The negative aspects of almost all diets consists in the so-called “yo-yo effect”. Because plenty of diets base on the rapid and unsupported weight loss, more often people who appeal to these methods end up getting even fatter after they finish their diet. However, this is not the case with the HCG diet, a well disputed yet efficient dietary plan.

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is one of the most spread, contested and acclaimed dietary methods available today. It combines a low calorie diet with hormone injections in order to supply the rapid, yet supported weight loss. HCG injections were brought into the dietary plans from the gynecology field, where they are sometimes used to treat women infertility or conceiving problems.

product reviewsAs previously mentioned the HCG diet usually bases on 500 up to 800 calories consumed daily and it includes a restricted amount of meats, fresh fruits and vegetables that ought to be eaten. Usually people who adopt the HCG diet can expect dropping up to 3 pounds daily, but they should not undergo the procedure for more than one a half months. Because of the hypo calorie content not everybody can resist to the HCG diets so, before starting it, it is recommended to see a nutritionist.

What to eat?

The HCG diet is quite restrictive, as it only allows certain types of meats, fruits and vegetables to be ingested. Among the endorsed fruits of the HCG dietary routine one can include: strawberries, grapefruits, apples and oranges. Two servings of fruits per day are allowed in the HCG diet, as it follows: half of grapefruit for breakfast, an orange for brunch, half of cup of strawberries for lunch, an apple or another half of grapefruit for dinner.

There are also plenty of fresh vegetables that need to enter into your diet, as they are not only poor in calories, but also extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and other important substances. For instance, people who undergo the HCG diet are allowed to eat spinach, asparagus, celery, lettuce or any other type of salad, tomatoes, red radishes, onions or beet greens. This diet also allows the consumption of white and “easy” meats such as salmon, halibut, sea bass, chicken or turkey. According to the HCG dietary plans, a meal menu could be composed of grilled chicken, roasted asparagus and some strawberries.

The Benefits Of E-cigs

visit this siteEveryone knows that smoking is dangerous and can cause plenty of health problems, especially with the lungs. However, in spite of the numerous anti-smoking campaigns the number of smokers did not yet reduced according to the desired figures. Raw figures show that there are currently over 300 million smokers worldwide, out of each around 100,000 die every year because of the harmful effects of nicotine.

And although the number of smoking persons has dramatically decreased in the developed countries due to the numerous restrictions, barriers and anti-smoking campaigns, it appears that the phenomenon continues to enlarge especially in the less developed countries from Africa or Asia. Countries like Kenya or Rwanda register higher figures with up to 10% each year regarding the number of declared smokers.

Luckily, for all those who want to embrace a healthier life and diminish the side effects of smoking, the electronic cigarette represents a true breakthrough. Ever since it first appeared on the market, nearly 5 years ago, the electronic cigarettes have captured a great share of the cigarette selling, with millions of devices being sold each year. Of course, there is now a wide variety of choices, from the cigarettes containing nicotine to those nicotine-free and with hundreds of different flavors.

The most important benefits of electronic cigarettes

The advantages of e-cigs are far recognized both by avid smokers and by non-smokers. One first advantage is the fact that you can smoke wherever and whenever you want, without being compelled by any sorts of rules and regulations. You can even smoke in closed areas such as trains, subways, dorms, offices or restaurants.

Another advantage of the electronic cigarettes is that they do not eliminate the harmful toxins, but plain water vapors. Although the majority of e-cigs still contain a significant amount of nicotine, they are free of all other harmful elements such as carbon monoxide or resin. Moreover, the nasty odor of regular cigarettes is eliminated, resulting in cleaner and fresher clothes and a healthier breathable air.

visit this siteThere are also plenty of flavors to choose from in order to make your e-cig more appealing. From citrus fresh tastes to cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and even bubble gum– each flavor you want you can buy for your e-cig.

Another great advantage of the e-cigs is the attractive price. Sure, they may cost more than an average package of cigarettes, but the further investments only include the change of batteries and flavor. You can find fully equipped e-cig sets for under $60 which will guarantee you at least 6 months of “eco” smoking.

How To Safely Increase Your Penis Size

According to studies, 8 out of 10 men are not currently happy with their penis size and they would wish to grow at least a few inches. In a society that emphasizes on the physical aspect and promotes more and more “plastic” persons who achieved perfection through a series of painful surgery practices, it comes as no surprise that people tend to follow these models. However, most men decide to only dream about having a bigger penis and improve their sex life.

male enhancement deviceFor all those who decided to turn these fantasies into reality, find out that there are plenty of non-invasive methods of achieving a bigger, firmer and thicker penis without appealing to surgery. There are a series of creams, gels and pills which claim to provide all these at no risks, but usually it takes up to one full year of treatment for the results to be visible. Men who do not have that much time and want to see results faster can opt for a penis extender.

What is a penis extender

A penis extender represents an enhancement device claiming to improve your overall sex life by enlarging your penis and boosting your libido. Using a penis extender will definitely provide you bigger satisfactions in bed and improve your relationship with the partner by offering stronger, longer and better orgasms. Usually, penis extenders are made out of fine silicone and “cover” up the penis by forcing the blood pressure to come up straightly to it and increase its functions. Because of the silicone they are made of, penis extenders can be easily worn under clothes without even showing. It is recommendable for all those who appeal to penis extenders to be using the device between 4 and 6 hours a day for at least 3 full months. Although results might appear earlier, it is important to continue the treatment until the end for the erections to become stronger and the penis to remain bigger and thicker.

male enhancement deviceHowever, a penis extender does not only increase your penis size. It works well for the self-confidence, being able to bring more happiness into your life. As weird as it may sound, your self esteem level interacts with everything around you, influencing your emotions positively or negatively. Thus, by achieving a higher self esteem level, you will not only feel more satisfied, but you will be able to bring this satisfaction upon your partner too, determining a better sex life.